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Dr. Anish Berry provides private dental care in London and Leicester. If you would like further information or to book a consultation/full examination then please contact us.

Examination and Cleaning
The full consultation includes an intensive extra and intra-oral examination, which looks at all of the hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity. This includes looking at all of the teeth and current restorations in detail, evaluating the health of the gums, and an oral cancer screening.  Routine radiographs (x-rays) are also taken with your consent to evaluate the presence of any hidden decay and to also allow an assessment of your underlying jaw bone. If any diagnoses are suspected or made, then these will be fully discussed with you, and you will be given all the appropriate options to proceed. In addition, you will also receive a full-mouth scale and polish, and a hands-on demonstration of correct oral hygiene practices.
fillings, onlays, crowns

If any of your teeth need repairing due to fracture or decay, the suitability of the different types of restorations will be discussed with you at your treatment planning session. It may be that a direct white composite filling can be placed to restore the tooth, but in some circumstances it can be more appropriate to restore the tooth with a lab-made onlay or crown. Should you decide you want a restoration, you will be provided with a single transparent cost for the entire treatment - this includes any additional radiographs (x-rays) or study models that may be required.

periodontal treatment

If you have a diagnosis of periodontitis (severe gum disease), a periodontal treatment plan can be made for you. This will include: whole mouth peri-apical radiographs to assess the jaw bone levels around your mouth, a detailed quantitative examination of your gums, an oral hygiene plan which has been constructed specifically for you, and an intensive course of deep-cleaning treatment below the gums. The extent of periodontal disease varies from patient to patient, but the treatment plan will be made specifically to your needs. 


If you have good oral health and want to improve the shade of your teeth, then you most likely qualify for whitening treatment. A two-week home whitening treatment can improve the shade of your teeth by as much as five shades! After your full consultation and examination, your suitability for whitening treatment can be assessed - if you are suitable then we can make a mould of your teeth and provide you with your very own whitening trays. With the gel we provide you, you can place the trays in your mouth for two hours during the day, and you will notice the different day by day! After the treatment you can keep your personalised trays, so if you would like future treatment you only need to purchase the gels.

Please note that tooth whitening only works on teeth and will not change the colour of existing fillings and crowns. If you have white fillings/crowns which match your current shade, then these will appear relatively darker after the whitening treatment - if you are worried about the aesthetics then you may consider replacing these. 

Veneers & Bonding

A veneer describes a thin (finger-nail thickness) piece of material that can be used to change the shape, size, shade and appearance of a tooth, by covering it. Veneers can be made of different materials including ceramic and composite. The term veneer and bonding is sometimes used to describe the same treatment, sometimes veneers/bonding can be purely additive, or sometimes they may require some irreversible reduction of existing tooth tissue/filling material to allow space for the new restoration. 

Dr Anish has a real passion for restoratively led smile design using a combination of veneers/bonding in conjunction with pre-prosthetic orthodontics when required, in order to get the best outcome in the most minimally invasive way.

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